In Situ Art Fair singles out by being the leading national event to showcase and present a 360° array of novelties in art, design, architecture and the creative industries by fusing the distinctive capacities of the local milieu with those of the global scene.

Its influence draws international authors and professionals who seek the curiosity and passion of emerging scenes and the interaction with contrasting audiences.


Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed from one form to another. Identical to the laws of physics, today’s In Situ is the result of what used to be Paratissima Skopje throughout the past four years (2014-2017).

We have hosted over 450 independent authors originating from 39 countries and have achieved a growing audience of what started as 2-3000 visitors in the first two years to an audience of 5-7000 visitors towards the fourth edition of the fair.

Fifth in its lifetime and first in its rebranded release, the fair has matured into an independent arena for artistic, creative and innovative expression, maintaining its origin – therefore, In Situ.


In Situ is an international art fair composed of evolving program components, all of which are (inter)related through a unifying niche of authentic expression. 

Established with the purpose of providing a backbone for the growth and development of contemporary and conventional formats of expression, In Situ seeks to be both inclusive in its approach and exclusive in its output.   

This contradiction in its pursuit comes from the belief that only by merging the unpredictable we can provide a breeding ground for a progressive cultural and artistic scene.