In Situ Art Fair and 48 Stunden Neukölln from Berlin, Germany will award two artists with participation at the 21st edition of 48 Stunden Neukölln in 2019. 
48 Stunden Neukölln is a forum for projects in all conceivable artistic disciplines found in the art scene in Berlin. The festival both presents and supports art. All segments of the local population get involved, regardless of age, ethnic background or social standing. The festival brings not only a variety of disciplines but also people together, as they view art which relays important ideas. 

A three-member jury from In Situ Art Fair will make a selection of two participating authors from the fifth edition of the fair. &



The primary goal of the Youth Cultural Center is the promotion of culture, cultural and scientific values. With a an extensive program and coverage of all cultural expressions, the YCC takes a strategically important position from the very beginning within the city of Skopje, and throughout the whole republic as well. YCC produces, stimulates and promotes contemporary cultural events and works by various domestic and international authors, encouraging the creation of collaboration between them.

The Youth Cultural Center – Skopje will make a selection and award an independent author exhibition that will be held in 2019. 




Relying on the classical concept that perfection is achieved through simplicity, the Acanthus Gallery works to bring art closer to the audience in Skopje. Organizing exhibitions, workshops and lectures with diverse contents in the field of culture, it is a space in which art and culture are within the reach of every citizen and visitor. Our goal is to be a space in which the appreciation of art is entangled with the learning of new concepts and the confrontation with different stories and opinions.

Acanthus Gallery will make a selection and award an independent author exhibition that will be held in 2019.




Concept 37 is a conceptual coffee bar with an exhibition space in which visitors and the audience have the opportunity to visit its regular and ongoing program for exhibiting arts and design, promoting the sale of artworks and designer items.

Concept 37 will make a selection and award an independent author exhibition that will be held in 2019.


“Kreativen vikend” translates to “Creative Weekend” and it has existed for six years in the form of an artistic residence where domestic and international artists meet on an altitude of 1400 m, communicating and spending time in a natural setting, far from the usual urban dynamics.

The tendency of the creative weekends is to encourage improvisation and experimentation, creating a laboratory of creativity.

The works of all participants in the creative weekends are presented in major European cities, in the form of video projections and conversations with visitors.

Each month is dedicated to a different art form and takes place over a period of one weekend, with the possibility for the residence to be continued upon agreement. The award consists of an invitation to participate at one of the creative weekends with all services provided.