When and where does In Situ Art Fair take place?

In Situ Art Fair will take place from 27 – 30 June, 2019 at the Youth Cultural Center – Skopje.

Who can participate at In Situ Art Fair?

Everyone from everywhere can apply and participate at In Situ Art Fair.

To participate at In Situ Art Fair you only need to apply when we publish the open call for participation.

The online application system will require applicants to register and create a user profile before accessing the application form. 

There is no selection for participation at the visual arts section of In Situ Art Fair – everyone who applies can participate.

The design section is open for everyone from everywhere however the applications will be reviewed and applicants will be selected by the curator. You can find all the required details on the application page.

There are no pre-qualifications in terms of age, gender, nationality, academic background or field of work.

What is the cost of the participation fee at In Situ Art Fair?

Each participating author acquires an exhibiting space in m² (example: 2m² = 2 m x 1 m). The participation fee, when acquiring a larger exhibition space, increases in proportion to the area.

For participation in the category of visual arts:

For participation in the category of installation:

For participation in the category of performance:

For participation in the category of video:

The fee for participation is .

The cost for exhibiting within the design section varies based on the package and location. You can find the illustrated exhibiting packages here.

What does the participation fee at In Situ Art Fair include?

  • Four-day participation at the art fair exhibition
  • Global promotion through all of In Situ Art Fair’s media outlets for advertising and PR
  • Curatorial and artistic direction team with individual consultations via e-mail and on-site
  • Artist profile within the Artist Archive of the Fair’s official website
  • Entry in the final selection process for awards given by In Situ and its collaborators
  • Free high-quality digital catalog. Printed catalogs are available if pre-ordered and purchased.
  • Free distribution of a sales catalog during the event
  • No commission charged on sales
  • Custom designed exhibition system and professional lighting
  • Technical assistance during mounting and dismantling
  • Service personnel
  • Cleaning services
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Secured location
  • Entrance for visitors is free
  • All taxes, provisions and production costs included

Does In Situ Art Fair cover travel or transport costs?

No, In Situ Art Fair does not cover travel or transport costs for the participating authors or organizations.

Are there direct flights to Skopje?

Direct low cost flights to Skopje are available with Wizzair from: Brussels, Lanarca, Copenhagen, Turku, Basel, Paris, Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Karlsruhe, Memmingen, Nuremberg, Budapest, Milan, Rome, Venice, Malta, Eindhoven, Oslo, Bratislava, Barcelona, Gothenburg, Malmo, Stockholm, Vaxjo and London. 

Can I send my artwork via post or courier (DHL, Fedex, TNT, etc)?

Yes, you can send us your artwork via post or courier (DHL, Fedex, TNT, etc).

Within the official application form for participation at In Situ Art Fair you can find all the required details.

Please keep in mind that the costs for sending your artwork to In Situ Art Fair and then having it sent back to you are ONLY your expense and responsibility.

In Situ Art Fair does not cover any of the postal or courier costs and takes no responsibility for custom regulations and/or eventual retaining of the sent artwork by the Macedonian Customs.

Keep in mind that Macedonian Customs requires a procedure for all post/courier items which are sent under a labeled value of under 21+ EUR.

You can refer to the regulations of the Macedonian customs following this link.

Please contact us on for instructions and the sending address and make sure that you as an e-mail subject you insert: ARTWORK DELIVERY | NAME SURNAME.

Can In Situ Art Fair send me an invitation letter for a funding program I am applying to?

Yes, In Situ Art Fair provides all applicants who have found a funding channel for the expenses related to the fee, artwork, travel, accommodation and all other expenses, with an official invitation letter.

Please contact us at: with a message subject: Request for invitation letter | Name Surname.

Do I need a travel visa to enter the Republic of Macedonia?

Some countries are required a travel visa to enter the Republic of Macedonia. You can find a list of countries and requirements on this link