Visual Art, Installation, Performance, Video


Disclaimer for Macedonian citizens ONLY:

Ве молиме доколку сте македонски автор да излезете од оваа апликација и да ја вклучите апликацијата наменета за македонски државјани.


Disclaimer for international participants

The call for applications at In Situ Art Fair will be open from until Monday, 20 May 2019.  

The participation fees amount to: 

2m² = 50€   3m² = 75€    4m² = 100€    5m² = 120€

The online application system for participation at In Situ Art Fair requires interested applicants to register and create a user profile before accessing the online form.  

To access information about the rules, regulation, and fees related to In Situ Art Fair please visit the FAQ page or contact us at 

All fields marked with “*” are mandatory and the application will not be processed unless the required information is provided.

Incomplete applications are not automatically archived by the application system, therefore, applicants are advised to pay close attention to the requirements.

The applicant’s e-mail, mobile number, and date of birth will not be published in any of In Situ’s communication products without previous consent from the author.

Everyone can apply: there is no selection for participation for participants under the visual arts, installation, performance and video categories of the Fair; all authors from all countries can participate – regardless of their format of expression.

Direct low cost flights to Skopje are available with Wizzair from: Brussels, Lanarca, Copenhagen, Turku, Basel, Paris, Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Karlsruhe, Memmingen, Nuremberg, Budapest, Milan, Rome, Venice, Malta, Eindhoven, Oslo, Bratislava, Barcelona, Gothenburg, Malmo, Stockholm, Vaxjo and London. 

A selection is foreseen at the end of the fair on behalf of a three-member jury. The selected authors will be awarded in accordance with the terms of the award program which will be published on In Situ’s official website.



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