Showcasing visual arts, design, and architecture within the fair’s structural divisions, the program is complemented with lectures, live events, and performances which generate experiences that transform participants’ and visitors’ expectations. 

All of the program components are curated and reflected upon in collaboration with exceptional professionals and pioneers in their fields of work.




21:00 – 00:00                       Opening of the fifth edition of the In Situ Art Fair
@ Plateau YCC


In Emergence                         In Spotlight                In Design

In Established                                                            

In Collaboration

In Architecture   

@ Dancing Hall                                       @ Gallery &                                 @Upper Foyer Frosina 
                                                                          Entrance Hall                    

In Tune

21:30 – 23:00                  DJ set by Zoki Bejbe – Skopje, Macedonia
23:00 –                                 DJ set by 33.10.3402 – Belgrade, Serbia
@ Plateau YCC