Walden Kunstausstellungen



Walden Kunstausstellungen is one of the oldest active galleries in Germany, which always succeeds in questioning routine with current productions. Since 1995 Walden Kunstausstellungen has realized exhibitions of international contemporary art with a focus on trends and developments in Berlin. One of the Gallery’s peculiarities is that it is not about the presentation of a defined circle of artists, but about giving a forum to the versatility of contemporary forms of expression and asserting idiosyncratic positions in the contemporary discourse. Since its founding, there have been 200 exhibitions and a variety of projects realized. Walden Art Exhibitions is a “missing link” between galleries, institutions and artists’ studios. The project gallery is not reduced to its activity as an exhibition venue; it sees itself as a starting location for further projects and networking.


Participating authors: 

Joanna Buchowska, Karen Koltermann, Julia Murakami, Veronika Schumacher, the b-AGE-ritz (Ralph Bageritz), HF Coltello, Evol, Georg Polke, Frederik Foert, Ira Schneider


Artistic Directors: Gisela Wrede und Reinhold Gottwald